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This is the Lofrans Tigres anchor winch:


1200 Watts of stump-pulling, anchor-lifting, chain-twanging power.

It sucks 100 amps of 12 VDC from where-ever it can get it, killing batteries and over-heating alternators.  And now we have one, because the Bellingham surplus store mistakenly left one out where I could find it, for only 1/4 of retail.

How cool is this winch?  It has an integral chain stripper on the gypsy.  That’s right, I said it.  Integral.

I hope it actually works.  Those marine surplus places can be a little dicey sometimes.

In other news we pulled the old heads out of the boat today.  Icky.  Interestingly, neither was functional.  Not even close.  Wow.