There are some interesting boats in the yard with us.  This one, for instance:


In 2002, as the Open 50 Gyphron Solo (in Tommy Hilfiger colors), she set the world 24 hour solo sailing distance record, sailing 345 miles in 24 hours on its way to winning the Around Alone world race.  She continued to race competitively for many years.

In 2010 she was repainted as shown and used as a very fast prop for the movie “Charlie St. Cloud,” a Zac Efron star vehicle filmed in Vancouver.  I haven’t seen it either.

Hopefully the key features show up in the picture: the crazy deep canting keel that they shift to windward to balance the wind on the sails, the dual daggerboards, the dual rudders, and the extremely flat hull shape.  The rudders and keel are painted orange to make it easier for search-and-rescue to find the capsized boat.  Here’s some video from a similar boat:  Sorry about the music.

You can see Bright Water behind the fork lift.  We’re cool, too.  By the way, both fuel tanks were seeping diesel through the rust.  A little soap, a little scrub, a little bleach, a little fresh air, and all is well.