Pender leaves for Jackson Lake for his summer job this weekend, but we got him for one last day. He finished one last horrible job.


Several small deck leaks, over time, have created pockets of rotten wood and mildew.  We haven’t found any rotten structure, but almost all the fascia and decorative wood needs to be pulled.  Pender got to work upside down, below eye level, on the far side of the galley countertops to pull an imbedded, vinyl covered pocket of rot.  He rocked it.

The rest of the day was spent going through the boat getting our TTD (Things To Do) list filled out.  230 items, mostly like “Reinstall Engine” or “Install Watermaker.”  Not too many like “Replace Cabinet Latch.”  That’s cool.  We’ve got 12 weeks left.

It was great having Pender help us.  Go see him in Wyoming this summer.  He’s working at the lake renting canoes and boats and rescuing people who rent canoes and boats.