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We’re still fighting with our water tanks.  G-Flex, the amazing new glue that sticks to polyethylene, actually sticks to polyethylene, so we fixed the original leak.  But wait, there’s more!

Apparently the starboard tank didn’t get the word on the whole “fixed” thing, so we cut it out of the boat.  This involves removing the structure under the cabinets.  Not great.

What was great was another chance to use the Harbor Freight $18 multi-tool.  Too much fun for work.

…and it’s out.  The yellow ick is the miracle glue.  If you spot the leak let us know.  Tomorrow we’ll blow it up like a balloon.  If it doesn’t pop we’ll find and fix the next leak.

There is a slight chance that the tank doesn’t actually leak.  It started raining right when we filled the tank, and a deck leak may be running down the inside of the hull, onto the top of the tank, and dripping off the drain fitting.  That seems unlikely.

Nancy continues turning the dirty boat into a clean boat.

White is better than filth.