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Here’s how we re-bed stanchions on this boat.

First we find Butyl tape.  Not at the marine store.  Perhaps we should take the hint.  But butyl tape is found at the RV store.

Butyl is uncured rubber, I think.  It stays sticky and rubbery forever.  Perhaps forever-ish.

So first we pull the stanchion fasteners and clean the incredible mess we find underneath.

Nancy is wearing a funny hat because she was painting and doesn’t like getting white paint in her not-yet-grey hair.  Personally I think she looks great either way.

Once we get the area clean we countersink the fastener holes.  Clean is a relative term.

Then we cover the area with slabs of butyl tape and replace the stanchion base.  We wrap a little material under the fastener head, then push the fasteners through the tape into the holes.

Snugging the fasteners squeezes most of the butyl out of the fay gap (an aerospace term meaning the between part), but leaves little loops of butyl in the countersink spaces around each fasteners, filling the threads and sealing the deck.

We finish by scoring a line around the stanchion and peeling the goo off the deck.  If we don’t smear it it comes off pretty easy.

Actually it keeps oozing for a few more hours.  No biggie, just clean it again.  It’s like that soft blue gooey eraser stuff.

We stole this from here:  http://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/boat_projects