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Once again, we borrowed Washington State Coach of the Year Art Wiper’s truck and drove to Seattle.  We drove to Seattle because our new engine and transmission were ready for pickup.  Woot.

This is what a brand new Perkins/Sabre/Cat M92B 85hp Diesel Engine looks like:

It’s very large, and very distinctively blue.  When you see that blue, you know you’re looking at a Perkins.

Here’s what the mating Borg-Warner Velvet Drive 2.91:1 Marine Transmission looks like:

Apparently bare cast steel is the going thing in marine transportation these days.  We pointed out the lack of thematic blueness and were given a spray can.  Squeaky wheel, yo.

This is the front of the engine revealing the number of grooves in the stock drive pulley.  Perkins/Sabre considers this information a trade secret and will not tell anyone, even after your paid-in-full-in-advance check has cleared.  Once we saw the second groove, we were able to order our 210 amp alternator.

After driving WSCOTYAW’s truck home in the rain, we were able to clean the rust and grease from our brand new transmission and set up the Camano Island Marine Transportation Paint shop (out doors).  We are not permitted, and have removed all signs of the incredible environmental damage.

Our free paint came in handy to refinish the motor mounts we’re reusing.  If the marine industry sold cars they would come without tires.

Our Borg-Warner Velvet Drive 2.91:1 transmission looks great in OMC Metallic Blue.  Hopefully it’s a pretty good match to the incredibly distinctive PerkinsSabre Blue.

Hopefully it all goes in the boat on Friday.  Hopefully.  We’ll see.  Many moons must align.

Lots and lots of hopefullys.