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Here’s how we build mattresses on Bright Water.

These are the V-Berth mattresses.  You can see three layers.  The top cream layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam, backed by 2.5 inches of white regular foam.  This was cut from a King-size mattress topper bought off overstock.com.  The green layer is an extra 2 inches of firm foam bought with a 50% off coupon from Joann Fabrics.

We cut out the shapes as best we can using an electric carving knive, then glued the pieces together with 3M 77 spray adhesive – a messy job at best.  In this case, we stacked everything on top of the dining room table to get the glue to dry flat.  Hopefully the old ladder on top is keeping everything compressed.

Then Nancy sews a cover and turns the whole thing into a cushion.  We’re using 100% Polyester fabric on this boat for durability and easy cleaning.  It’s not luxurious, but it’s functional.  We figure the beds will be made up or covered with stuff most of the time anyway.