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Almost ready to put in the new tanks.  I still need to pull several CAT5 cables through the central wire gallery, and maybe some more extra conductors just because.

Nancy took another shot at the diesel-saturated plywood on the tank deck.  We cleaned this stuff as much as we could seven weeks ago when we first removed the corroded and leaking tanks, but diesel has continued to ooze from the plywood to the surface.

After an hour scrubbing with real TSP, there was still an oil sheen on the top of the cleaning water.

We’ve cleaned enough fuel that the boat hasn’t smelled like fuel for many, many weeks.  The saturated plywood deck will continue to release diesel for many years, but we’re using the refrigeration system to ventilate the compartment and the fumes will evaporate and dissipate.  Hopefully the new aluminum tanks will go in next week.

By the way, Nancy has her left hand on the saloon floor (the camera is facing forward).  Everything you see is under the finished floor.  The port water tank is behind the plywood support to the left of the picture (outboard), and you can see the wiring, plumbing, and propane tubing down the central plumbing chase under her left hand.  That yellow/green thing by her left knee is the mast step – it spreads the immense compressive load of the mast into four adjacent frames.  The mast will go in just forward of her left elbow.  Those bulges in Nancy’s arms are why you don’t mess with Nancy.