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Some boats have a sail inventory.  That seems a little dull.

Massively highly-funded racing boats have a quiver of sails to choose from.  Quiver sounds better.  Our boat came with a pretty good mainsail and a jib that’s older than plastics, as well as a ridiculous old main with a zipper in it.

So we bought a new sail using the e bay.  It turned out slightly smaller than we wanted, but it’s brand new and a very good sail so we’ll keep it.

It’s an asymetrical spinnaker, or code zero, or screecher, or reacher, or any of several other names that probably mean something specific but nobody that I know uses them specifically.

It’s also pretty.  It’s set and flown like a big light jib, which is what it is, but instead of rolling it up on the forestay you “douse” it by covering it with a fabric tube (sock) and lowering it to the deck before stowing it in either a nook or a cranny.

Here’s an incredibly complete video showing how to rig and fly this wombly sail.


Here’s another tutorial so you know what to do when you come sailing.