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We bought a new Perkins engine because it was supposed to be a drop-in replacement and save us a bunch of trouble.  You know what that means.

Here is the old transmission.  Notice the lever to reverse the actuation on the reverse gear. (If you click on it the picture will get bigger).  (If you care).

Here is the new transmission.  The old linkage was completely un-useable and I had to make a new bracket from some hardware store stuff.  Not too hard to do, works well, and is fine.  Unfortunately, it’s too late to remove the support for the old linkage.  I’ll probably cut it off later, but I don’t want to get steel chips in the bilge.

The speed control was a different story.  Here is the old engine:

That’s the throttle cable coming in from the right and connecting straight to the speed control lever.  Pull is slow, push is fast.  No sweat.  So of course the new engine is exactly backwards the other way in reverse.  I had to build a bellcrank-based reversing bracket, and it was a little tighter.  Here are a few pictures:

I’m pretty proud of myself, and I got to wear my son’s welding hood and use the welder my daughter picked out, so that was cool.  You’ve probably noticed how swoopy the bracket is.  Here’s why – it’s welded from the left-overs from Lena’s welding project (painting by Pender):

So graphic artists will agree that this bracket’s near-perfection is because it’s made almost completely of negative space.