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Although it’s been about 60 or so every morning, eventually the gloom burns off sometimes and we get a little sun and semi-warmth.  Today we took advantage of the weather and got a few tasks crossed off the list.

Nancy applied acrylic sealant to the toe rail to try to stem the small leaks.  It’s supposed to capilarize into the seep paths and then hardenify.  Yeah, sure.

This is what the whales see right before we discuss their ESA status.

Also, we hauled the anchor chain to apply our ultra-sophisticated chromatic calibration system.

25′, 75′, and 125′ are white.  50′ and 150′ are blue.  100′ is red.  There will be a test.  After the 150(ish) feet of 3/8″ chain is 300′ of 5/8″ nylon rope.  We’ll put markers in the rope later.  They don’t need to dry.

We’re trying to finish up several more projects at the same time, so the blog has been more boring than usual while we wait until stuff gets done to show the project.  For instance, we’re working on:

Preparing the floors for the vinyl sheet flooring,

converting our existing icebox into a super-insulated 12V refrigerator/freezer, and


getting the swim step finished and installed, as well as cleaning off the transom and getting the new logo ready.