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Situation awareness.  Water depth.  Ship traffic and collision avoidance.


It’s all about the electronics.  I’ll post about the system later, but for now we have the chartplotter (which is also the system display), the depth sounder, and the GPS installed.

Garmin was nice enough to supply a self-adhesive stencil to help me cut the huge hole in the boat for the plotter.  (Note to Garmin: it should take more time to cut the hole than remove the stencil residue.  Talk to 3M about goo.)


after several hours with my hands over my head the Chart Plotter was talking to the GPS over the NEMA 2K network and to the depth sounder over the Garmin Network and the AIS, autopilot, and both radios over the 0183 CANBUS network.  The radar is mast mounted, so it’s not on a network yet.  It’s on a shelf.

But that’s not the cool part.

You can see the Chartplotter outside in the cockpit, mounted in the bulwark athwart the wheel.  The chartplotter display is also shown on the TV in the saloon.  That’s right, they’re the same.  Like a mirror, but not backwards. Situational awareness independent of location.  That’s the cool part.