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Bright Water has several drawers in the two cabins and the saloons.  Some of them were fine but dirty, and some were disgusting but filthy.

Our friend Matt stepped up to the plate.  “I’ll line them with Formica,” he said.  “They’ll look like new.”

So he did.

Nancy washed all the drawers, and then we loaded them into the Suburban and took them to Matt’s house.

Matt lined the bottom of each drawer with a piece of white Formica, sealed the edges, and actually rebuilt several drawers that were falling apart.  Then we stored them for a while.

Finally, we decided that we were done making major messes on the boat.  We loaded our new/old drawers back in the Suburban, drove them up to Anacortes, lifted them onto the deck, and finally installed them in the boat.

Matt and Colleen came up to install the last drawer.

Nice.  Like new, but not new.  It’s all about the patina.

Matt does this as a business, too.  Stunning cabinets and old-school woodwork.  Give Keller Woodworking a call.