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The boat came with two ice boxes, both with both engine driven and A/C coldplates.  A coldplate is a big box of salt water that you freeze solid with a high power system.  As the frozen salt water warms and melts it pulls heat from the icebox and keeps the food cold.

We installed a lamp for a while, then we removed the lamp, the glassware, and the cold plates.

It freed up a lot of space in the engine room.

The new way to do this is to use a low-power DC-powered system that runs continuously.  The key is to add lots of insulation.  This is the freezer compartment.  The blue is one of two holes in the divider that lets the cold spill into the…

refrigerator compartment.  We have about seven inches of insulation on the bottom, outboard, and on each end, four inches inboard, and about two inches in the top.  We put the insulation in dry, wedged in, with a few SS deck screws into the fiberglass liner of the old icebox.  I tried to seal it all up with spray foam, but it just made a huge mess.

Then we patterned and cut fiberglass shower liner from Home Depot.

We glued the panels in with…panel adhesive.  It seemed like the thing to do.  Then we sealed the corners with white silicone.  It looks great.

We installed the evaporator box in the freezer compartment and the compressor in the adjoining cabinet.  It pulls air from the tank deck (under the floor) for maximum efficiency and to ventilate the compartment.  Yes, that’s ice in the ice-cube trays.

The gasket under the lid is cast in place with silicone, which worked OK but looks rough.  We installed wire bins in the refrigerator side for better access.  We have baffles for the holes through the divider, but the temps are perfect without them so we’ll just store them for a while.

Nancy fused the glass covers, which are about 3/8″ thick and have fish and waves and clouds. Click on the picture to see it better.  The hinges are attached with mondo double-back tape.  Keep your fingers crossed.  The lids are insulated with two inches of foam on the inside.  You can see it in the freezer picture.