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“We throw rocks in the ocean just to see the splash,” Uncle Ned said.  “Then we watch the ripples spread.  We’re boys.  It’s what we do.” – Jimi and Isaac 2a: Keystone Species.  Phil Rink (Unpublished) (Un-actually-written-yet)

On our trip to the Caribbean with the kids, we had the world’s best dingy: 10.5 feet of AB Hypalon RIB with a 15 Hp Merc 2-stroke outboard.  Fast, stable, rock-solid.

Also heavy and hard to move around.

For this boat, for this ocean, for just Nancy and I, we need something lighter so we don’t hurt ourselves.  This is what we found:

It’s an Achilles Hypalon high pressure inflated floor dingy.  Much smaller (2.6 m), but only 66 pounds, and the inflatable floor and keel are stiff enough that it planes with Nancy and I with a 2 hp Honda outboard.  The four-stroke Honda only weighs 35 pounds and is bulletproof.  Nancy and I will be able to carry the whole thing up the beach, instead of dragging it or using awkward wheels.

Clearly it’s pretty full with three people, and four people will be really full, but the French overload dinghys all the time, so it must be OK.  Plus, wet butts are more or less OK if the water is warm.  Warm water and sunshine is the key.

Plus, it’s got a cool name, and a cool logo.