After a particularly bad day dealing with the supply chains, we found ourselves trapped by Deception Pass.  Instead of running the pass at sundown with 5-6 knots of following current, we untied from the dock and are anchored at Hope Island.  We’ll get up and leave before dawn tomorrow.

We should reach Neah Bay and turn left just before sundown, which is also moon-down, which doesn’t matter because the moon is just a sliver.  Then a run down the beach under the stars with clear skies and light winds for days.  We may never put the sails up.

You can follow us on (click on the link in the lift at left, if you like) by typing “Bright Water” in the “Go To Vessel” spot in the upper left corner.  Remember that AIS is only surface radio based, so there will be several dead spots along the coast where we’ll disappear.

You can follow our weather by checking the NOAA wind and wave forecasts: and also by downloading and playing with the UGRIB software.  I’ll let you find it yourself.  It’s fun and educational.

We will have internet and texting and cell if we have cell service.  Texting the cell phones will have the best luck.  I am not putting our cell numbers on the internet.  Ask around.

We should make 150 miles, or just over 2 degrees latitude, per 24 hours, putting us in Monterey in five or six days unless we duck in somewhere to wait for the wind at Pt. Conception to ease a bit.  We’ll see.  We may also go offshore to get away from the Capes.

Thanks for all your good wishes.  It should be a dull trip.  Maybe we’ll do a little fishing.