50 degrees in the cabin this morning, 62 now at the end of the afternoon.  We have resorted to huddling together to share body warmth while drinking cheap wine from big glasses and eating the last of the locally smoked tuna.

So it’s time to move on, before we start burning the furniture for heat.

We have a tiny weather window tomorrow to cross Cape Blanco.  If we run fast enough through Thursday night, the weather stays good for Cape Mendocino.  If we’re a little late, we’ll get beat like a drum.  If we chicken out, we’ll maybe duck into Eureka, CA.

So tomorrow we’ll get up before dawn to try to hit the ocean at sunrise, push as hard as we can to get past Cape Mendocino and, from there, hopefully smoothish sailing to the land of not-wet not-cold not-dreary, where we’ll drink cheap wine from big glasses, eat local fine foods, and continue to huddle together, but just because.

Thanks to a good tip from Jim at Marine Service Center, we subscribed to buoyweather.com.  Way better information than NOAA for cheap.  Some of that info is free at grib.us, but the buoyweather site looks pretty good.

We’ll try to take some pictures so the posts aren’t so dull.