Hi everyone!  I have been asked to make a post.  You may be sorry as I am not as clever with words as Phil, plus we do not have many pictures of the last few days.

We just got settled in the Pillar Point Harbor anchorage.  It is very protected and calm.  We will go check out the town tomorrow as we are out of “non-canned” protein, and then on to Monterey Bay in the next few days.

You all have seen and heard about the fabulous help we had from Pender in getting us to this point.  I want to also thank Lena & Jacob for their contributions.  I thank Lena every time I cook something.  She helped enormously with getting the galley prepared and stocked.  We had a lot of fun shopping, (@ the N. Everett Community garage sales for example) for the required components.  I love my Crate & Barrel and Williams and Sonoma utencils and kitchen ware.  I am spoiled for life!!!!  I should have let her take the lead in stocking provisions, as I did not get enough to start, which she said.  She also gave us the hot lead on the COSTCO light foul weather gear.  I have worn it most days since we left.  She pointed out that on MERMAID, “we wished we had better foul weather gear”.  The solar/hand wind lantern that Jacob & Lena gave us has been very handy along with the clothesline.

One last important “Thank You” goes out to Jacob for the discussion with Phil about the windless wiring.  I love the power of our windless and am glad we have the “BIG COPPER” going forward.  I have never run a more powerful anchor windless and “Thank you Jacob” every time I drop and raise the anchor.  (I wish I had a picture, but we are kinda busy when dropping/raising the anchor.)

So………. we are south of San Fransisco and very happy to not have entered!  It was a little disappointing to not see more marine traffic as we passed, but we will get over it.

We spent last night at the Pt. Reyes anchorage in Drakes Bay.  When we rounded the point it was the first land we had seen in over 2 days.

(Our welcoming committee was this family of sea lions.)

We could have been anywhere for that previous 2 days.  Sometimes we only had about 10 feet visibility.  We do not like the fog, plus it was very cold.  The cabin temperature was down below 60 degrees a few times.

We are very thankful for the wonderful weather we have had so far, and thank you all for your prayers and best wishes.

Here are a few other nice photos we took in the last few days:

Phil at the Navigation Station checking the weather reports.

Phil in his cruising suit.

Monkeyfist knot for the mainsail reef.

Monkeyfist knot on the sail.

Fishboat at Pt. Reyes, just out of the fog.

Thank you all for your love & support.