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So we show up in Monterey and John and Sharon show up from Nancy’s past and spend two days driving us all over and showing us all the cool spots we haven’t seen and buying us lunches.

This area is stunningly fecund.  Sea Otters in the anchorage, fur seals and sea lions chasing all around, pelicans dive-bombing the area, and plenty of sea gulls and the nutty tourists that feed them bread.

The first day we bought food, but somehow we didn’t get a picture of that.  This was the beer, wine and chips run.  We’re good for now.

That’s us in the far upper left corner, past the buildings, on the beach in front of the highway.  You may need to zoom in a little.

This seagull tried to get an honest meal.  The crab and him had it out for ten or fifteen minutes while we watched.  A small crowd gathered.  We didn’t stay to see who won.

This afternoon we walked to the Monterey Aquarium, the most sanctimonious institution in the world.  I don’t need to go back, ever.  I am so sick of activists of almost every stripe.  How bad is the aquarium?  Well, if you want to help save the oceans, the most important thing you can do, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO (!), is join the aquarium.  They say so in their displays.  Out loud. Apparently nothing has ever gotten better in the world, ever.  WE MUST DO MORE!  Money may be required.

As we progress further into the land of permanently astonished women I may become more cynical.  Sorry.