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We’re in Cat Harbor on Santa Catalina island.  Sorry we went dark – no internet or phone in the Channel Islands.

We left Smuggler’s Cove at the south end of Santa Cruz very early this morning.  Santa Cruz was nice – Nancy actually did a little snorkeling in the 65 degree water, but the sun was gone when she got out and it was pretty cold after. 

We woke early to big(ger) surf breaking on the beach and decided to pack up and leave.  We knew there was a big low pressure system in the area with no wind and, we assumed, dreary overcast skies.  Instead we found this once the sun came up:

Pop-up thunderstorms everywhere!  Woo-hoo!  Wait a minute, what’s that?

There, in the middle of that micro-burst!

A waterspout! Excellent.  So we called the Coast Guard and they called NOAA and then the radio got a lot louder for the rest of the day.  The water-spout cell passed three miles behind us and created three or four more spouts, but nobody died.  We cleared the decks and didn’t sail anymore but it was all a big nothing.  Now the pop-ups are mostly blown apart and the sun is mostly sunny.

On the other hand, we’re moored on some commercial mooring sites.  It’s like an RV park.  We will probably get up (very) early tomorrow and make for San Diego.  Not much good free anchorage here on Santa Catalina, and this is too expensive and crowded, even though it’s much less than half as crowded as summer.  Not crowded at all, really.