So here we sit in San Diego, America’s Finest City (just ask them).

First impression?  Certainly top three, we think.  It’s nice here.  It’s warm, it’s doesn’t seem to have the wackyness of LA or the Bay, the water is pretty clean, the businesses are busyish, and the city is clean and seems vibrant.

We’re in the free anchorage, and while it’s crowded and busy and next to the airport and the USCG base and right across from the Naval Air Center, it’s still almost rural.  It’s private and out of the traffic pattern.  Seattle, for instance, has nothing like this that I know of.

The place(s) that we’re headed towards just got named-stormed, but Paul is breaking down and didn’t seem to do much damage.

And today we got the watermaker working.  Nine gallons per hour off the solar panels alone.  Sweet.  It won’t be as good in the full salinity of the open ocean, but we’re encouraged none-the-less.

We got a VIP tour of the San Salvador build (http://www.sdmaritime.org/san-salvador-build/) from James Thayer, the famous blacksmith that I’ve known since 1969 or something.  He invented telecommunications, too.  I’m less clear on that.  But you should see his dragon bottle openers.  Dude.

Behold the Pelican.  His beak can hold more than his belly can.

Lots of big dolphin in the bay and in the anchorages, too.  Big.  Not Orca big, but way bigger than Dahl’s porpoise.  And big, too.  Big.  Like horse big.

So we’re good.  Really pretty good.  So far.