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…and never complement a place you’re still at, or say things are “good” or “fine.”

A little wind in the anchorage last night.  Boats dragging anchor, boats hitting other boats, plenty of police boats, searchlights, woo-hoo and yee-hah.

We finally dragged too close to shore and up-anchored at about 1:00 am, then motored around San Diego harbor until 3:30, then re-anchored in the middle of a no-anchoring zone for some sleep.

We’re re-anchored back in our almost-the-same spot.  One boat was hauled away, most boats moved 50-100′.

We got our wind speed indicator working last week, but it’s not calibrated, so we probably can’t trust the over 60 knots (pegged) indicated.  30-40 knot gusts, probably.