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I wuz gunna bitch a little about the dreary drizzly weekend here in San Diego, so I looked up the weather in the sunny tropics just to draw a little contrast.

This is called a significant wave height chart, and it’s for a week from now, when the Baja HaHa rally fleet leaves here.  The color scale in meters is on the right.  The way I read it, that’s 40′ waves in the center of the storm.  More importantly, that’s six-foot waves from the north meeting eight foot waves from the south all up and down Baja (The arrows only show the dominant waves in the area.  The secondary waves don’t just disappear, they are still there).  I wouldn’t want to try to anchor anywhere on the outside coast during this little adventure.

Six and eight foot waves are not a big deal if they’re away from the winds that created them, but when they interact, especially sort-of head-on near a coast, I would expect to see three or four twenty-foot sharp splashes lift/hit the boat every day.

So we’ll put on long-sleeve shirts.  We’re good here.  The palm trees need the rain.