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We got up early this morning and left San Diego, headed south.  We’d been in Mexico for almost an hour before Nancy got bored.

So she walked to the pointy end and put out a mer-call to her fellow mer-peeps.

They appeared immediately (click on the pic.  It will blow the top of your head clean off).

There were several of them.

They kept looking at us looking at them.  By the way, don’t forget that this picture is looking down, into the water.

So is this one.

Finally, we got to Ensenada.

Apparently they were having a volcanic eruption.  Funny we hadn’t heard of it.

It turned out to be a forest fire, entering its second week.

So we’re sitting in Cruise Port Village marina in Ensenada, waiting to check in with all the Federales tomorrow.  After a quick walk to town we have our pre-paid Banda Ancha Cellular internet dongle for about 1/2 the price of US internet.  I told the lady if Mexico makes this easy it’s going to be a lot more crowded down here.  She said it’s already started.

Ensenada also has a very large flag.  But I know you’re looking at Nancy.  I know I was.