We bought this boat in April to get south this year, but it wasn’t real to me until today.  The water is 80F, the sun is out, the federales don’t speak much english, and we’re anchored right off the beach in Cabo.  Weird is not a strong enough word.  Neither is surreal.

Nancy’s the one with long hair.

We’re anchored right in front of the beach clubs, listening to them play drinking games with the 19 yo girls.  They have a train whistle.  We’ll give up trying to sleep early tomorrow morning, probably about when they quiet down, and start working our way north to Isla San Fransisco to get safely anchored before a wind storm (a norther) sets in Sunday.  Dunno how much communications we’ll have.  Probably not much.

FYI, when the states have good winter weather in AZ and NM, the high pressure bleeds down the Colorado river valley and blows cold air all the way to Mazatlan.  So after Christmas maybe we’ll go to Puerto Vallarta.  Dunno.