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I think it’s clear that the best way to do laundry is to not do laundry.  Eventually this catches up with you.

So yesterday (Thanksgiving, actually) it was hot and the wind was light, the anchorage was empty, and we were low on clothes.  So we did some laundry.

Boat laundry is simple, but hard.  Soak/agitate in the soapy bucket, then wring and into the rinse bucket, then wring and hang.  The wringing is the hard part.  Soon you throw out the wash water, add soap to the rinse water, and start a new rinse bucket.

We ran out of clothespins.

The more observant readers have already guessed what happened next.  Some poor couple on vacation paid a pangalero to drop them off on a lonely beach on a desert island.

They got an authentic view of paradise.

Some are wondering: “They live on a boat, how can their clothes get dirty?”  Here’s a clue: Six weeks ago the rinse water was white, almost pastey looking.  Now it’s a golden tan color.