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It’s rare to sleep all night.  Every noise, every wind shift, every change is a potential problem.

So we installed two inexpensive electronic devices in the (newly painted) aft cabin to help with the status checkage.  That way we don’t have to get out of bed and go on deck to check things out.  We can stay mostly asleep and completely in bed and still have a reality check.

The cheap fish-finder gives Bright Water completely redundant depth sensing capability, plus it’s low-power, plus it has easy-to-use and easy-to-set shallow and deep water alarms.  It beeps if we drag off a ledge or into shallow water closer to the beach.  It also beeps if we drift over a shallow or deep spot in the anchorage, but we live with that.  Older models used to beep if you drifted over a large fish, but this one doesn’t.  Better brains.

The cheap GPS is another completely redundant locator system (six, I think) for the boat, but all this one does for us is forever draw a “bread-crumb” trail of where we are and where we’ve been.  Swinging on the end of the anchor chain draws a smile, while wandering through the anchor zone draws a roundish bird’s nest.  Both are fantastic.  Dragging the anchor in a strong breeze or current draws an unmistakable zig-zag of impending disaster.

We don’t use a digital (number-only) depth gage because these are often fooled by layers in the water caused by temperature or salinity differences (thermoclines or underwater springs, for instance).

We also have windows we can look out.  Those are good too.