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Here’s the sea surface temperature from 10 days ago:

That cove in the lower left corner is La Paz.  Three weeks ago, the entire sea of Cortez was red (red=warm=good), but I didn’t save the image.  I didn’t think I had to.  Then, twice, Arizona and SE California had some nice weather for a few days.  The high pressure leaked out through the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead into the Sea of Cortez, causing 25-30 knot winds right down the chute.

The strong winds blew the warm water south, and colder water welled up to the surface.

This is the lower Sea of Cortez now.  One more “Norther” event, due to start on the 30th, will drive all the warm water from the Sea.  It will then be cold/cool (65 or so) until July.

So when we get back to the boat after Christmas/New Years, we will continue south to the Puerto Vallarta area.   Dunno the details.  I just know we won’t stop until the water is red.