We’re sitting on the boat in Bahia San Gabriel, waiting for Thursday, when we’ll go back and anchor in La Paz, then sit and wait for Tuesday, when we’ll move into a slip and sit and wait until Wednesday, when we’ll jump on a big jet airplane and fly home to the wet and cold Northwest.  That will be good.

We figure we’ll leave the dingy on deck until La Paz while my rib heals.  It’s boring, but I don’t want to re-injure the rib and have to take a bunch of painkillers to fly home and then do something whacky on the airplane and be on the national news and have our kids and friends think less of me.

Besides, we live on a boat.  There’s plenty to do.  For instance, today we did laundry.  We, of course, means Nancy.

Bahia San Gabriel is stunning crazy pretty.