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When it’s cold and rainy a sailor thinks of books.  They sell a lot of books around here.

Travels with Miss Cindy is the perfect book for a rainy cold day.  Tony Bigrass wanted an adventure, so he built a boat in British Columbia, Canada, screwed it to the top of a beater station wagon, drove the thing to Mexico, dragged the boat into the Sea of Cortez, and sailed the boat to Florida.  Easy peezy.

Cindy Car

I haven’t met Tony, but I hope I will.  His writing is as clean and honest as his outlook and philosophy.

Cindy Water

The book is part travelogue and part adventure story.  I’ve read it four times.  I’ll read it again as we cover the same ground.

If you read it on Kindle Fire or Kindle for PC, the pictures are in color.  Have a look.