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Several years ago, my friend Dean Waterman decided he wanted to go boating.  He knew something about boats, since he’d built a few at his shop in the middle of the desert in Kanab, Utah.  In fact, he’d been a pioneer in building aluminum boats for the Colorado River guide services.

Life Aboard La Cumbre Flip

He built and almost finished his boat in the desert, then trucked the pieces to Los Angeles, California, welded the house onto the hull (the welder is built into the boat) and left for Mexico.

Life Aboard La Cumbre Boat

Several years later, and several times up and down the Pacific Coast (Mexico to Alaska) later, he took La Cumbre through the Panama Canal, up the Mississippi, through the Great Lakes, down the Intercoastal Waterway, then around the Caribbean to Venezuela, back to Panama, and back to Mexico.

Life Aboard La Cumbre Molas

This book is written in Dean’s voice:  clear, clean, and unassuming.  You get to ride along with him.


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