Tomorrow we fly to La Paz to get on Bright Water and sail/motor it/her to Guaymas/San Carlos where we’ll haul it/her and leave it/her on the hard for the summer.

lp to guaymas

We’ve got 50# of crap/equipment we’re checking as baggage for Bright Water.  Part of that stuff is our new Iridium phone.  The Iridium phone works just like a cell phone, except it talks to one or more of 66 1500-pound low-earth-orbit satellites instead of cell towers.  The handset is smaller than our first cell phone, too.  We can also use the Iridium phone to connect our computer to the internet to get email, weather reports, and gossip.

The phone will receive 160 character text messages for free and transmit them for cheap.  Ask around for the text email address, we won’t put it on the web.  Hopefully we’ll leave the phone on all the time, so we can receive text messages in real time.  We’ll still check our regular email when we have internet access, and our cell phones will work normally when we have reception.

We’ll also use the Iridium to send short position reports to the blog, with a lat/long and hopefully a place name.  You can then cut and paste the lat/long into Google or Bing maps and it will show you where we are.  We are still using our AIS system (, but there are no land stations in Mexico yet so we don’t show up on

Once we get the boat safe on the dirt, we’ll hop on the Tufesa ( executive overnight express bus to Tucson, do a little visiting, we hope, and then fly SouthWest back home where we’ll be until the Fall.  With any luck at all we’ll be a little lighter and a little darker for the flight home.