We decided to gain another 50 miles of northing today to make it much easier to sail across the Sea of Cortez to Guaymas (sailing across, instead of against, the wind.) We could have left Saturday evening and made it here easily, but our brains didn’t figure out the opportunity until 7 this (Sunday) morning. We were almost to our planned staging anchorage in Punta Pulpito when we looked at the nice sunny weather, rechecked the guide book, and pressed on.

We knew there was nowhere to hide in between where we were and where we wanted to be, and we knew that there was wind coming. But it was a pretty day and the boat was doing fine and off we went, deciding that it was better to go to windward today and have an easier crossing later. The wind showed up right on schedule, although the 15-20 knots on the nose turned into 25 knots on the nose with excursions to 30. The engineers in the audience have already identified the cubic nature of the power gain. Others may be content knowing that we expected to get beat up, but we got our asses kicked.

Good news: no big leaks in the windows or portlights, just a little water in the dorades, the rig didn’t fall down, and everything ran just great. So now we’re in Punta Chivato at N27 04, W111 57.8. Our Tuesday transit has maybe been blown into Wednesday, possibly Thursday, maybe Saturday or Sunday. Maybe April.

This seems like a nice place, though. Too bad it’s too windy to dingy into shore. Thirty to thirty-five for the next two days. If the anchor doesn’t hold, the next post will be from La Paz again.

Hatch Green chili burritos for dinner.