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Puerto Ballandra is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s incredibly easy to find, mostly.


It’s the little round harbor at the bottom of this island.  Super easy to find as you fly over it going south from LA to La Paz.

Ballandra OpenCPN

It’s easy to find by boat, too, until you look a little closer at the C-Map on your PC chartplotter and find that you accidentally anchored well up a little hill.


A closer look at the Garmin chartplotter shows a similar problem.  The light tan is the charted island, and the dark tan is the radar-indicated actual shoreline.  Since the Garmin and the C-Map agree, there must be a problem with the GPS equipment.  Somebody should call the Air Force.

But wait, what about those anchor symbols on the Garmin Chart?


We put them there.  Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer spent seven years boating around Mexico and finding out where stuff really is.  Then they published two great guidebooks to tell the rest of us what they found.  Typically they provide a waypoint at the entrance to each harbor, as well as anchoring points within the harbor.  It’s completely normal for us to pull into a harbor and find a boat anchored exactly on the waypoint they provided.

We used to call their books the pretty books, because they’re full of pretty pictures.  On the radio nets here in Mexico, they’re call the Shawn and Heather books.  We met Shawn and Heather at the big Seattle Boat show this year, and they’re delightful.  So now we call the books the Shawn and Heather books, too.  www.bluelatitudepress.com.