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This is the sea that kicked our asses two days ago.  It was rough.


Looking out the windows of the pilothouse while getting our asses kicked.  Also, the half-rack of Tecate came with a stand-up calendar.  The half-rack only had 15 beers.  Funny I didn’t notice the quantity change.


The trip this morning was spectacular, in a scary cool wild sort of way.  15-20 knots of wind right on the beam.  We left at 4 am and made Guaymas at 2 pm.  74 miles in ten hours.  Here is Nancy trying to absorb some sun and not freeze to death.


Sailing nerds will notice that we need more main halyard tension, and if we had a vang we wouldn’t get so much twist in the main.  Screw the nerds.  74 miles in ten hours.


The mer-peeps appeared to welcome us to the mainland.  There were about a million little dolphin – six feet long or so.


The Guaymas airforce also welcomed us.  The diamond pelican formation just passed from the left.