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Guaymas, Mexico, is a nice little city on the mainland, 7 hours by highway south of Tucson in some sort of a duty-free “enterprise” zone.


Marina Seca Guaymas is a dry marina off a nice little bay in the southeast corner of Guaymas.  The mud-bottomed bay is not a great anchorage, though, as we found by dragging anchor all night in thirty knots of wind.  By morning, the wind was down to 10-15.  We removed the headsail from the forestay and headed in.


There’s a narrow dredged channel into a narrow dredged loading area,


but after a short consultation with Gabriel (the owner) and a review of our historical haul pictures, we figured out I should have backed in.  I should have known that – the mast is well forward of the center of gravity, and we can’t reach the back of the keel from the bow.  Duh.


With some long ropes and some shoving, we got Bright Water turned around


and up in the air.  Her bottom looked good.  Very few animals.  Very little salad.  The Prop-Speed anti-fouling coating on the prop was clean and intact.

Marina Seca Guaymas is our kind of marina: cheap, safe, professional, full of interesting people, and cheap.


We caught the bus into town across the bay, and later, a different bus into Tucson.  You can see Bright Water propped up on the beach, there in the background.