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We have a nice boat and we have a blog with several tens of followers and page views, so while we work on the major motion picture deal we decided we need logo wear.

In the old days, our business created several T-Shirt designs that we had screen printed.  We also had nicer clothing embroidered for boat-show wear.  Later we had iron-on designs screen printed that we applied to shirts and clothes we bought.

For the Caribbean trip we had 50 Mermaid iron-on logos printed that we applied to clothes we picked up along the way.

We wanted some logo shirts for this trip, but we wanted to find a cheaper way to make them.  We tried to find an “at-home” silk-screen system, but no joy.  So we tried something stupid.

We had a rubber stamp made on-line.  It was fast and easy and cheap.


We blob some fabric paint onto a glass,


then pick up the paint with a dauber.


We use the dauber to put paint on the pad, trying to make it even without loading the gaps with paint.


It’s important to put cardboard inside the shirt so we only press on one layer of fabric.


Presto-stampo: logo wear. It’s not as good as screen print, but it’s good.


After letting the shirt dry overnight, we iron the print for 30 seconds to set the ink. This also melts the ink into the fabric so it’s smooth and flexible.


The girlie stuff gets a little sparkle paint on the splash rings. We’ll iron that in as well, once it dries.

Send us your stuff and we’ll print it for you.  (Call ahead).

We can do the whole thing on the boat, too.  Easy peasy.