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We pulled the tanks right after we bought the boat: http://wp.me/p2oaM8-2S.

Today I finally got around to cutting them open. It is almost impossible to throw tanks away. Nobody will take them, because they are “contaminated” with diesel fuel.

So today I cut the end off one tank.


The top of the tank is to the right in this picture.


The amount of rust debris was amazing.


The tank was completely empty when we bought the boat, probably because of one or more holes rusted through the bottom of the tank, like the one just to the right of the center of the picture.  Incidentally, I cut the end of the tank off with an electric grinder and cut-off abrasive wheels.  It took five wheels to complete the cut through the 1/8 steel plate.


I used an acetylene torch to cut a disk out of the cut-off end.  There was enough residual diesel saturating the porous rusty tank interior to catch fire.

It’s significant that Nancy saw the fire before I did.  She didn’t yell out, she didn’t run for the fire extinguisher, she went into the house and got the camera.  Perhaps we need to work on our communication skills.