When we bought Bright Water 14 months ago, there were no Cal 2-46’s for sale in the United States, and only three for sale worldwide.  We contacted every owner we could find to see if they wanted to sell their boat.

Apparently we started something.  Right now on Yachtworld, there are eleven Cal 46’s for sale on Yachtworld (www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/searchResults.jsp?cit=true&slim=quick&ybw=&sm=3&searchtype=homepage&Ntk=boatsEN&Ntt=&is=&man=cal&hmid=0&ftid=101&enid=0&fromLength=45&toLength=47&luom=126&fromYear=&toYear=&fromPrice=0&toPrice=&currencyid=100&city=&pbsint=&boatsAddedSelected=-1) plus at least one more in Seattle listed only on Craigslist.

So, if you like what you’ve seen on our blog, today would be a good day to start your own adventure.  Some of these boats may not need tanks and motors and shafts and props and refrigeration and electronics and electrical upgrades and sails and rigging.  Actually, they’ll probably all need some or most of these things.

Start anyway.  You know you wanna.

Bon voyage.