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NEMA 0183 Data Communication Schematic:  Schem 0183
The NEMA 0183 wiring diagram is mostly for color code documentation only.  These wires are for serial data communication and magic.

Fresh Water Plumbing Schematic:  Schem Water
The water system uses a single pump to pull from either of two water tanks through selector valves.  The water maker fills a 10 gallon drinking water tank directly, then overflows into the vent line of the starboard water tank for storage.  If we want to transfer water from starboard to port, we use a hose on deck.  A tiny pump and tap provides drinking water at the sink.

12 Volt DC Schematic:  12 VDC Schematic
The electrical schematic is called a ladder diagram.  All the positive terminations collect on the left hand side of the page and all the negative terminations on the right.  The actual wiring is functionally identical but physically very different.  Ladder diagrams make it very easy to find accidental back-feeds and shorts.   BTM and dotted lines show the MasterVolt battery monitor and connections. The diagram is not complete.  For instance, I don’t show the starter solenoid or the internal circuit protection on the inverter or solar power controller.  The house panel wiring shows light bulbs for all the loads, even if the load is a radio or a pump.  The symbols I used are semi-standard but not actually always completely correct because…just because.

Fuel Plumbing Schematic:  Schem Fuel
Diesel fuel can be pulled from and returned to any one of three tanks as directed by three-way valves.  Usually, the engine-mounted fuel pump does all the work, but an in-line lift pump is also provided for polishing and assist.  The lift pump doesn’t normally run – the fuel flows straight though anyway. An engine bypass valve allows the lift pump to polish fuel or purge lines while the engine is not running.  A double Racor setup makes it easy to change filters.