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Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger are giants in the cruising world (Nancy, it won’t surprise you to learn, has met them), and Beth’s book is a vital reference for anyone thinking about offshore cruising:


It’s a data-driven review of cruising yacht selection and outfitting.

Beth and Evans also have a great website, again chock full of information: www.bethandevans.com

But (and this is a big butt), in the FAQ section of their website, we find this unexpected question and answer:

71. Have a question… I see you did a lot of high latitude sailing… how do you compare it to the tropics?

 When we were crossing the Pacific on our first circumnavigation, we were in Fiji and had spent the past year in the tropics. Evans woke up one morning, looked at me, and said, “If I never see another sandy beach with palm trees in my lifetime, that would be fine.”  To me that sums up one of the things we liked least about the tropics: they are much the same all the way around the world…

They then go on to explain how cold water is full of animals, cold oceans are emptier, more of the globe is cold, there’s more adventure past 40°, yada yada yada.

I  know Beth and Evans would encourage us to perform the experiment ourselves.  It is entirely possible that we will one day be bored of being warm.  I doubt it.  I really, really, really, really doubt it.