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As you may remember from this post: A New Arrow for the Quiver, “Arrows” are sails and the “Quiver” is the collection of sails.  Just go with it.

We had no spare sails on board, but we were rolling in dough from selling off all the boat stuff that we accumulated in the last several years.  Craig’s List called.

We found an old, old, old mainsail off a Cal 40 that fits our boat perfectly, except the Cal logo on the sail says “40” instead of “2-46.”  It’s just a number.


We washed it and hung it using the nearby professional canvas laundry facilities.

Despite being very old and worn, this sail is in good shape, has partial battens so it stores well, and should make a great spare sail.  Cheap, also.


It looks like the bolt rope has shrunk (as they do) creating a huge belly at the luff of the sail.  We may remove the bolt rope and re-attach it once we get back to the boat and the sewing machine.  We may not.

We also got a good buy on a used but very serviceable genoa off a Valiant 40.  The spreader patches were in the wrong place, and it was too big, but no worries.


We had North Sails in Seattle cut the sail to fit and clean up the sun-shade (blue) sewing.  They cut off the old #6 luff tape and luff pad and installed a new #5 luff tape to fit the Profurl reefing system (edit:  it looks like the #5 is wrong and the #6 is correct – hopefully we can get them to fix it quickly // edit of the edit:  North Sails sent me a link (http://www.profurl.com/images/info_pages/supportech-classic-elite42-59.pdf) in French where Profurl clearly uses #5 luff tape, so we’ll leave the sail that way and take the #6 tape to Mexico in case we need to re-sew it there) and shorten the luff slightly.  Since we don’t race or even care very much about sail shape, we didn’t spend the extra money to install a new luff pad.

The fabric on the new-to-us jib is crisp and slick and pretty clean.  After re-sizing, this sail is only 10% smaller than our old sail.  It will become our new working jib and the old sail will be moved to spares.


Nancy was trying to explain how luff padding improves the shape of a partially furled sail to Daisy-the-Lab and WSCOTY Art Wiper, but they kept goofing off.  Slackers.