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There seems to be some sort of misunderstanding.

There are fish camps all up-and-down the Baja coast, both on the Pacific (Out) side and the Sea of Cortez (In) side.


The fishermen stay in these camps while they fish from their open pangas, returning to their towns or villages periodically to deliver their catch, renew their provisions, and see their families.  The fish camps are lightly built but are complete with cooking, living, and sleeping areas.  They also have generators and chest freezers to preserve food for eating and fish for later sale.

Bad weather inevitably destroys these camps, washing everything out to sea.  Heavy things sink, light things float, and the chest freezers wash ashore on various beaches through-out the area, including the southern coast of California.  Then the press gets ahold of the story, changes a few details and mis-interprets some data, and we hear about huge rectangular bundles of Mexican Reefer (or square grouper, or grass bales, or marijuana) washing ashore.

So, in the future, we need to call the beach findings by their real, but less colorful name:  Mexican Chest Freezers.