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A pareau is a lava-lava is a sarong is a panel of light rayon fabric about two meters by one and a half meters.  Often dyed bright colors with strong graphic patterns, they are ubiquitous in the tropics for wearing and for laying on, on the beach (much better than big towels that never dry).

We own several, and have spent the summer buying them at garage sales for one or two dollars from people who have returned from their tropical vacations.

So Nancy took a few pareau’s and some pareau-like resort wear, cut them up, and sewed them back together into an incredible quilt for our master berth.  The center of the quilt is a synthetic spun “motel blanket” from Costco, so the whole thing is easy to wash and will dry quickly.

The “Dot Dot Dash” pattern on the back was rambunctious to sew.  The light fabric is unstable and loses shape with the slightest tug.