If you don’t have anything nice to say….

So here we sit.  Mostly waiting for Mexico Migracion.  We completed our application for a four-year Mexican Visa in Seattle.  It was a pain, but we got through it.  When we arrived in Guaymas, we found that everything we did in Seattle was all a waste of (a lot of) time.  But now we’re in the middle of the process, and not sure how to get out.  It would have been better to get a six-month tourist visa and renew it or not every six months, like everyone else.  Now we might get a one-year visa and then a three-year visa, but it requires us spending a month in Guaymas every year, which is ridiculous.  So we’re trying to get it figured out, but in the meantime early “Northers” are blowing the warm water in the Sea of Cortez south approximately one month earlier than normal.  Bleah.

So this post isn’t completely a waste, here is some important information:
-It shouldn’t cost more than $200Pesos to buy off a Policia, mordida-wise.  $100 US is certainly too much.
-You should tip the grocery bagger 1-5 pesos.  No more.
-You can wave off the windshield washer dudes at the traffic lights.  No worries.  If you do let him wash your windshield, 1-2 pesos should cover it.
-There are guys that will wash your car in the supermarket parking lots.  I don’t think it’s expensive.  You can even get a full detailing while you shop.  This is a huge business opportunity in the states.

13 pesos to the dollar.

The other important issue we’re working through is trying to make sure we have health insurance in 2014 (even though we’ll be out of the country).  We can renew our old policy at twice the cost (4x in four years), or we can do something else which we will know about if the O’Care website for WA ever works.  Dunno.  Dunno.  Dunno.   By the way, we met a very poor American couple here in Guaymas that saved for a knee implant in Hermosillo in two years.  Two years.  Hermosillo.  Four hours by car from Tucson.

Tourist Medicine.  Learn it, read about it, use it in a sentence.  Say Gracias to your doctor.