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Happy Halloween!

Hi everybody, Nancy here.  We are getting back in the swing of boat life.  It has been a busy 3½ weeks getting Bright Water back together and in shape to head out.  We have completely emptied and re-stowed each cabin and all the lockers.  The added 1000 pounds of gear has been put away and maybe a couple hundred pounds of unwanted gear removed.  It is feeling like home and I am relearning how everything works.

One of the fun parts of “moving” back on the boat is we brought a few personal things to decorate our home with.  The one thing that brings a smile to our faces many times a day is our family “Christmas” picture we took just before we left.

We put it in a frame and mounted it to the wall right above the desk that we do our work at.  It is lit by it’s own light and gives us a warm feeling each time we see it.  We are very blessed to have loving children, all 6 of them.  (By the way, we will not be mailing out a Christmas card and picture this year, sorry).

The other personal item I love to see is my Mermaid hook, thank you Debra & Jim.

One of the things I spent a lot of time thinking about last summer was “How am I going to provision the boat?”  Last year we had about 6 weeks to live on the boat as we went down the Pacific Coast to figure out what food we wanted and needed before we crossed the border.  COSTCO, Trader Joes, Von’s (Safeway of San Diego) and Walmart were our friends.  We were able to buy everything we wanted and needed, no worries.  Thanks to Lena and Winco Foods, we had a good supply of canned goods.  So this year we had to start from the beginning, except for the canned foods, and provision the boat.  The meat supply was my biggest concern.  I only remembered the open air meat market at the farmer’s market and the terrifying frozen food section at the small tiendas.  I was thinking we might become vegetarians.  But it was all for naught.  Guaymas has 3 large supermarkets and the meat departments are amazing and cheap.  We have had some wonderful flank steak and the chicken is like we would get at the Plaza on Camano.  The only two items that we cannot find are Cheddar cheese, especially Tillamook, (we had about 15 pounds last fall when we left San Diego), and pickled ginger.  I also forgot to pack some of Lena’s frozen roasted pumpkin, can you believe that?  Canned pumpkin is also not available here.  We will try and find a fresh pumpkin to roast for Thanksgiving pie.

Phil & I have really missed the kids this past month.  We had a wonderful summer with them and we really miss spending time with them.  Part of the wonderful thing about Bright Water is our kids are with us, not just in the great family picture, but all around us. From the food and galleyware Lena bought for us to the strong windlass we have because of Jacob.  I work in the spaces that Pender cleaned out for us a hundred times everyday and think of him on his hands and knees taking up the old floor and cleaning out the step I use to get in and out of bed everyday.  Thanks you so much Pender, Lena and Jacob for supporting us and our adventure.

Three girls
We also miss the girls, but they didn’t help much with the boat or during the summer, except for moral support of puppy loves and kisses.

We just got back from Isla Tiburon, the largest island in Mexico. We stayed in 3 anchorages and walked the beaches of all of them.

Nancy Snail Shells

Snail Shell Piles
One should be called “Pink Shell Beach” because of all the piles of shells.

On Pink Shell I was trying not to pick up too many shells, but came across this huge piece of blue beach glass.

It teared me up.  It was so out of place, and so nice to find.  The number one pass-time I did with my mom growing up was to walk the beaches of Washington and look for agates and beach glass.  Blue was the prize! The pieces my mom & I would find were usually about the size of your pinky fingernail, this piece is about 3 x 4 inches and in the shape of a beautiful necklace medallion.  WOW! She was there with us walking on the beach.

Thank you for reading our stories about our adventure on Bright Water.  We don’t have much of a plan, which is out of our comfort zone, but it is part of our re-focusing project.  We have spent the past 30 years together and can’t wait for what the next 30 will bring.

Christmas 2013