We showed up uninvited at the Mexico Migracion office this morning and found our one-year extended visas waiting for us. They would have told us soon, I’m sure (edit: We were notified by email on the eighth).

Our one-year visas give us about nine months to see Mexico before we need to stay someplace (probably San Carlos) for another month while we apply for a one, two, or three-year extension to our one-year (nine month) visas. Hardly seems worth it.

We’ll leave tomorrow for Baja. Ten knots of wind before dawn (barely sail-able), fifteen knots at noon (yeah), then twenty-five knots after noon (ummm, could get a little busy). If it turns to thirty and a short chop builds it could get a little wet. Still, it will be fun to use the big sticky-up stick and get the the laundry out. All on a big, wide-open broad reach. We’ll hardly need to pay attention.

It was great to have the car here to run around to different stores and get provisions. Still some noticeable items missing: black silicone RTV, for instance. Not to be found. It will probably be available in Baja. Stores there seem to use an American west-coast stocking model (the trucks come from San Diego), while stores here on the mainland seem to stock stuff from Mexico, for Mexicans. Now the car is parked in a long-term lot with covers over the tires and a sheet over the seats. No worries there.

Probably bad communications for a while. Iridium phone texting still the best, then email, then cell phone text, then call.

We found some pumpkin pie filling and chicken thighs, so Thanksgiving dinner is all good, except for the important parts. Take care of each other.