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We drag a lure most of the time.  Usually we catch Little Tunny, a small type of tuna.  The meat is very red and very wet.  We throw almost a third of each fillet away because they have a blood-rich section on their lateral lines, almost like a liver.  A lot of people don’t like the meat, but we make sushi and ceviche and grill it like steak and it’s great.  It’s also healthy and free.

The other day we caught this little guy.
Beside being just as cute as a button, he was a glutton.  He had a belly full of half-processed fish paste from the day before, then eleven fresh sardines on top.  Then he took our lure.

We un-hooked him and started dragging the lure again – Zing!
This slightly larger Little Tunny came right aboard.  That’s the head of a six-inch diving lure sticking out of his mouth.  There are three separate treble hooks buried all the way into his gullet.  I had to dissect him to get the lure back.  I still can’t figure out how he did it.

This morning Nancy hooked another nice Dorado  (https://svbrightwater.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/fishy-fishy/).  He proceeded to strip all the line off the reel while I got the sail down and the motor started and turned the boat to chase him.  Suddenly the line went slack as he spit the lure, but by the time Nancy reeled in all the line she had a very nice tuna on the hook.  There are no pictures.  You’ll have to trust us.  A Very Nice Tuna.