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Sometimes you want a nice seared tuna strip with wasabi/mayo dressing and some grilled zucchini (which is pretty quick and cheap to make, by the way), but sometimes you just want to eat some food, feed the machine, and get on with it.

The first recipe comes from our son Pender.  He lives in the dorms and has a rice cooker:
As much rice as you choose;
Two cans of canned chicken;
half a can of green chiles.

I like his style.

We eat this all the time:
One 16 oz. can of beans (black, pinto, whatever);
One 12 oz. can of shredded beef;
Two to four cups of cooked rice (2/3 white, 1/3 brown);
Salt to taste, which is usually a lot.
Enhancements: Grated cheese, cumin, green chile, vegetables.

We cook our rice in the thermal cooker (https://svbrightwater.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/cooking-without-much-gas/).

Both of these recipes will stretch forever, but at this level we’re probably looking at about $1US/meal for pretty good nutrition.

We also found some shredded beef in a 3lb. non-refrigeration bag at Costco last year (Sampco).  It’s fantastic to have on board – perfect for enchiladas and burritos and broth noodles and food.  We need to find some more.