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Dolphin Skeleton
We see a lot of dolphin/porpoise skeletons.  I think they float when they die, and their bones are dense enough to last a while on the beach.

Nancy Whalebone
The one in the hat is Nancy.  We’re pretty sure that the thing she’s holding is a whale vertebra.  A very old whale vertebra – almost completely decalcified.  We see these pretty often.  The whale vertebra, I mean.  Actually, I see Nancy just about everyday.  So we see both of these pretty often.

This we don’t see very often.  We’re pretty sure it’s a Chupacabra skull.


We were positive this was some sort of huge bird skull until we picked it up.  It’s heavy.  So this may be a Chupacabra skull, not the other one.

Chubacabra Skull
It’s pretty obvious that this is a canine skull, until you look at the over-enthusiastic canine development and realize that this is either a Sea Lion or, in fact, a Chupacabra.

This is a coyote.  You can tell because he’s skulking. Off to find his ACME catalog.  The bottle-brush he’s using for a tail is a pretty good hint as well.